Water heater

By heating your pool, you can extend your swimming season.

Heating Options
There are three main options for heating your swimming pool.


Solar Pool Heating


•Low running costs. Because the system collects the heat free off the sun, the only running costs are that of running a small pump to circulate the pool water through the system.
•Reliable. The main moving part in the whole system is the pump.


•Installation involves securing a solar collector to a roof nearby and plumbing to and from our operating equipment usually located near the pool filter area.
•A typical installation will take one day for one of our installers to professionally install your new solar system. Or we can supply the system to you in DIY kit form if you wish to install yourself and save $$$.

Gas Pool Heating


•Swim all year round. Because the heater is not weather reliant, you can still have a warm in the depths of winter!
•Fastest heat up time. Of all the heating systems gas will give you the fastest heat up time, but the compromise being it is also the most expensive to run.

•Heater is usually located near the pool filter area and requires connections to pool plumbing and mains gas.
•A typical installation takes half a day depending on gas run.
Click here for more information on our gas heaters.

Heat Pump


•Cheaper to run than gas. A heat pump works on the same principle as a reverse cycle air conditioning system, it draws its heat out of the air so the running costs are approx 1/3 that of a gas heating system.
•Swim all year round. A correctly sized heat pump can heat your pool all year round.

•Heater is usually located near the pool equipment area and requires connection to the pool plumbing and electrical connection.
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•Will complement any solar, gas or heat pump installation by trapping in the heat generated and minimising overnight heat loss.
•Save water and chemical usage.

•Installation takes about an hour and is an easy DIY if you wish to save $$$.

Bring along 1 litre of your pool water, and we will test it for you and explain exactly what you need to do to get the water perfectly balanced. This is a free service.