Lithium Hypochlorite

For information purposes
---This is a sample label only---

This product is an unstablised chlorine compound which dissolves rapidly in water and greatly reduces the chances of bleaching vinyl, fibreglass, plaster and other chlorine sensitive spa and pool surfaces.

It is a white powder chlorine but with no calcium. It is also ideal to use as a shock treatment.

LITHIUM HYPOCHLORITE should be used daily to control algae and bacteria in swimming pools & spa's.

1. The pH should be tested weekly using fresh testing reagents. Ideal is 7.2 to 7.8.

2. With the filter running mix the required amount shown on the label into a plastic bucket of water. Mix the powder to the water. Broadcast evenly over the pool or spa surface.

3. Run filter for at least 2 hours before resuming swimming.


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