Backwash Valve - Understanding the settings


Whenever you change your valve settings, always shut off the pump first. If you don't you may break pipes, pressure guages, or even the valve itself. To change the setting, you need to push down on the handle, turn the valve to the required setting, then release the handle.

Backwash valves come in many forms. The most popular being the multi part backwash valve. It has many settings other than backwash.

"FILTER" allows water from the pool to pass through the filter in the normal direction and return filtered water to the pool.

"BACKWASH" pushes the water through the filter in the reverse direction and flushes the dirt and small particles down the drain. It will also remove the DE coating of the filter pads in a DE filter. You need to renew this after backwashing. Your filter may have a sight glass ( a small glass bulb attached to the valve). When the pool is running normally, this will appear clear. When vacuuming, backwashing or rinsing, various colours from clear to black will be visible. When the water runs clear on the backwash setting, you know you can then move on to the next cleaning cycle, rinsing.

"RINSE" allows the water to pass through the filter in the normal direction, but it dumps the water down the drain. This cleans the valves and pipes in all filters, and the sand in a sand filter. Use this setting after backwash, and before going back to the filter cycle.

"CLOSE" this setting will stop water flow in all directions. NEVER START THE PUMP IN THIS SETTING, AND BE SURE THE TIME CLOCK IS OFF OR YOU MAY ACCIDENTLY START IT! Use the close setting only for service reasons, and always remember to open it as soon as you are finished.

"RECIRCULATE" allows the water to flow from the pump to the pool via the valve without passing through the filter. This setting is useful for distributing chemicals that you do not want passing through the filter, such as acid.

"WASTE" takes water from the pool straight to the drain. This is a useful function if the pool floor is extremely dirty so you can vacuum to waste. You would do this after a storm, or after flocking your pool. Top up the water level with a hose in the skimmer box. Put a brick or something heavy on top of the hose so it does not come out and flood your garden!

Bring along 1 litre of your pool water, and we will test it for you and explain exactly what you need to do to get the water perfectly balanced. This is a free service.