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Calcium Hardness: When we speak of scale, we are talking about Calcium Carbonate, which has come out of solution and deposited itself on surfaces. It is a combination of carbonate ions, a part of Total Alkalinity and Calcium, a part of the Calcium Hardness level. The test for Calcium Hardness is a measure of how hard or soft the water is. Hard water can have high levels of calcium and magnesium. If these levels are too high, the water becomes saturated and will throw off excess particles out of solution, which then seek to deposit themselves on almost any surface inside the pool. This is calcium carbonate scale, a whitish, crystallized rough spot. If the levels are too low, the water is under saturated. The water becomes aggressive as it attempts to obtain the calcium it needs.

Such soft water will actually corrode surfaces inside the pool which contain calcium and other minerals to maintain its hardness demand. If your Calcium Hardness levels are too high, you can use a product called Pure Free.

It can also be accomplished by dilution (adding water to the pool which has a lower calcium hardness content).

Levels which are too low require the addition of calcium chloride. Recommended range for calcium hardness is 0 - 500 ppm for non cement pools or spa and 100 - 500 ppm for cement pools. Levels should be tested weekly.

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Bring along 1 litre of your pool water, and we will test it for you and explain exactly what you need to do to get the water perfectly balanced. This is a free service.