Dry Acid Powder

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Product Information:

Dry Acid (Sodium bisulfate) is a granular form of acid and is used to lower the pH, to maintain balanced water and total alkalinity in pools and spas. This form of acid is safer and less caustic than muriatic acid and will not spill or splash so it is safer and easier to use. This product is easier to store but it also must be used with care.

Steps for Application

Pre-dissove the dry acid first by adding the dry acid into a large plastic bucket of water and then pouring the acid solution into the deep end of the pool, away from the skimmer and the fixtures.

Acid should be added when the pump is on and running.

Retest the pH of the water in 4 hours.

Add more acid if needed.

Helpful Tips

Do NOT adjust the pH without first testing the Total Alkalinity.

Use caution when handling dry acid. Wear protective equipment (goggles and rubber gloves). Dry acid is a very corrosive material.

Always follow label directions. Always add acid to water.

Dry acid may be used in a spa or hot tub.

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Bring along 1 litre of your pool water, and we will test it for you and explain exactly what you need to do to get the water perfectly balanced. This is a free service.